Full stack developer at norco.com


Currently building an app that uses data and formulas curated by bike engineers to ensure each customer get's a perfect fit and settings for their bike. The app uses this data to affect the bike size, weight distribution, suspension settings, and much more.


Launched Nano Recipes on the app and playstore

Nano Recipes

Nano Recipes is a recipe scraper that allows you to save recipes using almost any recipe link found online. Its goal is to simplify the process of finding, saving and managing recipes.

2020 - Present

IT Specialist & Network Operations


I am a former an IT and Network Operations specialist at Hushmail. I wrote python and bash scripts as well as Express.js applications in order to help support our team with internal tools as well as handle more complex tickets.


IT Specialist


During my time working as a IT Specialist at Operto, I developed support tools and automations for the Customer Success Team. I was a bridge between the Development team and Support. I created efficiencies for their rapidly growing customer base and helped our team reach our internal SLA's. I handled all tier 2 & 3 Support tickets.

2017 - Present

Digital Marketing Lead

La Perla Del Caribe, Inc

La Perla Del Caribe is a collection of vacation rental properties in Belize, Central America. I developed practical and workable solutions to La Perla's technical and business problems. I analyzed and evaluated their business systems and digital marketing needs and improved their rental income. Tasks included but were not limited to, video editing, brand development, content strategy development, content production, search engine optimization, web design, web development, and social media marketing. I worked closely with internal teams as well as the villa owners acting as the domain expert- product-owner-by-proxy. I used Wordpress to organize their content.


Junior Front-End Developer

Tactico Inc.

Tactico is a hands-on venture capital firm specializing in implementing strategic and tactical solutions for start-up companies/joint ventures and companies in transition. I was hired by Tactico to conceptualize and develop a sports application that allows people to find sporting events to participate in based on their location. I was the sole developer on this project and produced all of the app's design and interface elements. The application also has a fully functioning payment system in Stripe. The application was built with the AngularJS JavaScript framework and works in the browser, android, and iOS.


Trail Project Officer

Trans Canada Trail

I am the former Trail Project Officer for the Trans Canada Trail, a non-profit organization that helps fund and build outdoor trails all over Canada. I managed and maintained a database containing information about thousands of trail construction, signage and routing projects, and I produced reports for various departments on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, or as required for board meetings.

2014 - Present

Freelance Web Dev


I have worked as a freelance developer outside of my regular work hours. I have delivered hundreds over websites and web applications over the years, spanning many different industries and tech stacks.

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